“Over the course of 2 years we saw a notable reduction in cigarette butt litter. As much as 80% less cigarette litter on the grounds and on the river. Once the word got out to use the pocket ashtrays and to respect the river and the land a change began to take place. Jack and Sarah volunteered with my Green River Collective crew and worked tirelessly handing out pocket ashtrays and setting up a cigarette butt recycling program spreading a new consciousness to the festival. As a result we have a cleaner festival, a healthier river ecosystem and we spend far less hours picking up cigarette butts. To any community faced with a cigarette litter problem I would recommend the braingarden.ca approach of handing out pocket ashtrays to smokers with the message of making positive choices for a cleaner, healthier environment”


The Shambhala Green River Collective

“The City of North Vancouver has been very pleased with the success of the Pocket Ashtrays. The feedback we have received from residents and users of the product has been amazing. The product is very light weight for people to carry, easy to dispose of the content, and no smell.”


City of North Vancouver

“Thank you VERY much for producing and sending us the pocket ashtrays earlier this year. I cannot overstate the major positive impact having these pocket ashtrays has made on Surfrider’s ability to connect with and improve the cigarette butt litter here in Southern California.”


Surf Riders Foundation San Diego Chapter

Reviews of Brain Garden Pocket Ashtrays

  • Thank you Jack for all the hard work and great advice you provided. We did a second order lately and we will surely think of you for a third one. Jack is professional, organized and reliable, three important key elements for an ideal promotional items supplier. Nakurmiik 🙂
  • Amazing yet simple product that has only positive attributes and nothing negative to be found. I use one and have given away 600 of them. I think it should be the law that cigarette vendors offer one gratis with each pack sold, since they cost less than one single butt!
  • Thank you Jack!!! The custom design looks great and they showed up super fast. I have been handing them out on my construction site and its pretty awesome to see people using them and asking if they can get another one for their spouse.
  • Brain Garden Pocket Ashtrays represent a movement of conscious party goers who are shifting the festival scene from their notorious history of littering the land they are held on to leaving it better than it was when they arrived. It has been inspiring to see how teams of volunteers armed with Pocke... Read More
  • The initiative is fantastic, and of course the product is awesome! Jack truly cares about making a positive impact. The Pocket Ashtrays arrived quickly and they passed expectations. Would 100% recommend!