Brain Garden started as a grassroots endeavour & grew into a global movement becoming the premier distributor of custom branded Pocket Ashtrays. 

Brain Garden Pocket Ashtrays prevent wildfire, protect ecosystems, & are made of recycled materials.  Our Pocket Ashtrays utilize an airtight seal that suffocates smokables while locking in odour & contents. Smokers can simply drop in their lit butt & snap shut.

Cigarette butts are made of a non-biodegradable plastic called cellulose acetate & are literally toxic waste. They pollute our environment, poison small children & animals, & start countless wildfires.

Pocket Ashtrays are a proven effective tool that encourages a sense of responsibility & respect.

Pocket Ashtrays … 


  • Cigarette litter
  • Litter of all types
  • Water contamination
  • Risk of fire
  • Stress


  • The environment & wildlife
  • Time and money on site maintenance & restoration


  • Revenue
  • Site / event longevity
  • Green image
  • Positive social impact
  • Global exposure
  • Valuable partnerships

Yes, it’s true … Cigarette waste can now be recycled! Please participate in our recycling initiative which helps to raise funds towards our Wildfire Prevention & Education campaign.

Collect your cigarette waste at home, at work, & at events. You can even organize street cleanups & get your friends to collect their cigarette waste too! Then send it to our friends at TerraCycle using our Free Shipping Label option.

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Many thanks to the one & only Simon Haiduk for providing the art for our first Wildfire Prevention & Education Pocket Ashtray.

Check out our mini doc! Huge thank you’s to Daniel J Pierce of Ramshackle Pictures. Shot on location at Diversity Festival distributing Bass Coast Festival Pocket Ashtrays.


“Jack and Sarah volunteered with my Green River Collective crew and worked tirelessly handing out pocket ashtrays and setting up a cigarette butt recycling program spreading a new consciousness to the festival. As a result we have a cleaner festival, a healthier river ecosystem and we spend far less hours picking up cigarette butts. To any community faced with a cigarette litter problem I would recommend the approach of handing out pocket ashtrays to smokers with the message of making positive choices for a cleaner, healthier environment”


The Shambhala Green River Collective

“The City of North Vancouver has been very pleased with the success of the Pocket Ashtrays. The feedback we have received from residents and users of the product has been amazing. The product is very light weight for people to carry, easy to dispose of the content, and no smell.”


City of North Vancouver

“Thank you VERY much for producing and sending us the pocket ashtrays earlier this year. I cannot overstate the major positive impact having these pocket ashtrays has made on Surfrider’s ability to connect with and improve the cigarette butt litter here in Southern California.”


Surfrider Foundation – San Diego Chapter

We are a family run business based in beautiful Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

Join us on our mission to eliminate cigarette litter & its damaging effects on our environment.

To order Pocket Ashtrays, design your own, or learn more about our recycling, clean up & education initiatives …

Phone: 1-250-938-4202