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The City of London’s 5 point initative to elliminate cigarette butt litter. ” No Ifs, No Butts.”

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1. Provision – Why are people littering? Not enough bins / Cannot find a bin.
Micro litter bins were designed that fit on street signs an lamp posts around the city. If people have the option of a bin they will use it. “The average pedestrian is willing to walk 9.5meters for a trash bin” – Keep america beautiful

2. Engagement – Bylaw officers hit the streets to talk to smokers about the impact of littering cigarette butts and to hand out reusable Pocket Ashtrays.

3. Education – Supplying education (through informative presentations & promotional materials) to local bussinesses helps information to cascade down to the workforce. Lines of communication are opened so local bussinesses can give feedback and make recommendations on how to improve the initative – they become partners.

4. Enforcement – Bylaw officers can fine smokers for tossing butts however (through a partnership the city has formed with the local health authority) smokers who are fined for tossing butts can have the fine waivered if they attend a smoking cessation program.

5. Partnership & Recognition – bussinesses sign on to a community charter and an award ceremony is held every year to recognize bussinses which play an active role in keeping the city cleaner.
City of London No Ifs, No Butts video: