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[vc_row][vc_column][md_info_box customize_messenger_channel=”preview-0″ customize_changeset_uuid=”bda080b1-edfd-4246-9939-e11f27b9d0df” info_box_title=”Facts about cigarettes & the environment” info_box_checkbox=”no” info_box_description=”Health Canada performed a four year study of the correlation of fires & cigarettes and found the following…’In that time, 14,030 fires were started in Canada by smokers. These fires killed 356 people, injured 1,615 and cost more than $200 million in property damage.’ They also found that: ‘Cigarettes are the number one known cause of fire-related fatalities in Canada; cigarettes are the leading cause of residential fires in Canada; and fires started by cigarettes tend to result in more deaths and more property damage than fires started by other sources.’

Just one cigarette butt can contaminate over 40 liters of water with such delights as arsenic, acetone, ammonia, benzene, cadmium, formaldehyde, lead, toluene nicotine, heavy metals, benzene and other carcinogens.

Cigarette filters are the most littered item in the world.

An estimated 4.95 trillion butts are littered annually worldwide. Over 1.69 billion pounds.

Animals and children often ingest cigarette butts, causing serious health issues and even death.

Cigarette filters highly toxic and composed of cellulose acetate, a form of non-biodegradable plastic.

Studies have found that where Pocket Ashtrays were distributed, smoking related litter decreased by over 70%.

Filters traveling through storm drains and water systems end up streams, rivers, and waterways.

The cost of forest fires due to careless smoking in Canada was $26 million in 2002

According to The Canadian Community Health Survey the average percentage of the population of BC who identifies as a smoker is 14.3% . In the Okanagan the percentage is slightly higher at 16.5% . ” info_box_icon_class=”icon-earth2″ info_box_title_color=”rgb(16, 162, 3)” info_box_description_color=”#7e7e7e” info_box_border_color=”rgba(31,213,190, .1)” info_box_button=”no” info_box_button_style=”fill-rectangle” info_box_button_text=”View more” info_box_button_icon_class=”icon-empty” info_box_button_color=”#017eff” info_box_button_text_color=”#fff” info_box_button_bg_hover_color=”#017eff” info_box_button_hover_color=”#fff” info_box_button_size=”standard” info_box_button_padding=”0″ info_box_button_url=”#” info_box_button_target=”_self” md_info_box_animation_speed=”200″ md_info_box_animation_delay=”0.0″ md_info_box_animation_position=”center” md_info_box_animation_show=”once” md_info_box_animation_easing=”Quart.easeInOut”][/md_info_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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